Vietnamese MOE Urges Schools in Ho Chi Minh City to Use DynEd

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – (August 4, 2016)   E&D, DynEd’s Vietnamese partner based in Ho Chi Minh City, today hosted over 500 school principals on behalf of the Ministry of Education.  E&D have been supporting the use of DynEd English programs in the public sector for over a decade.   In 2015 just over 100 schools in the city used DynEd, with that number expected to at least double from September.

During the event, the head of the MOE in Ho chi Minh City proclaimed: “After two years of holding DynEd and E&D under the microscope, there is now no question of whether or not to use DynEd. We urge every school here today to implement DynEd as soon as possible.”  This was a great endorsement for us and another building block in our efforts to secure adoptions across the country.