SriLankan Aviation College to add DynEd’s Aviation English Solutions to their Program

DynEd’s partner in Sri Lanka, Headway School of Languages, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the SriLankan Aviation College as a first step in adding DynEd’s Aviation English Solutions to the College’s curriculum. DynEd’s goal-based solutions are designed to decrease the time it takes for aviation students and professionals from around the world to meet and exceed the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Level 4 English proficiency standard.

“DynEd’s Placement Test was used to enroll students in DynEd courses at the Aviation College,” says Naaren Moharanjithan, Academic Consultant at Headway. “It is very reliable and the process saves time because each student’s proficiency level is identified from the very beginning,” he added.

Students who are successfully developing their aviation skills at the Aviation College, but whose career opportunities are limited by their lack of English language proficiency, are expected to greatly benefit from DynEd’s Aviation English solutions.

Photo (left to right): Rangith Antony and Nareem Moharanjithan from Headway School of Languages with the SriLankan Aviation College authorities during the signing of the MOU.