Ninth Grader Receives C1 Certification, First one in Costa Rica!

Sebastián Bogantes Álvarez is the first student at Centro Educativo Horizontes (CEDHORI) in Alajuela, Costa Rica to complete the C1 skill level, as defined by the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).  As if this was not impressive enough, Sebastián is the first, and one of only three DynEd students in Costa Rica who has earned a C1 certificate in the DynEd Certification Program so far!

“I feel very proud, and I know this will help me a lot in terms of professional and personal development,” he says. And he’s right! A C1 level on the CEFR reference scale means his English skills are on a par with or better than many ESL professionals that enter the global workforce—pretty impressive for a 9th grader!

Ever since he took his first Placement Test in February 2014, Sebastián realized he had to work hard to accomplish his objectives. “I have been studying 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week,” he says.

When asked how DynEd helped him achieve his goals, Sebastián mentioned how much his listening and vocabulary skills have improved, along with increased fluency and confidence. “Getting English students to raise their confidence level is a great benefit to their overall language learning goals, and DynEd does this very well,” says Josue Montero, general manager for Edutech de Centro América, one of DynEd’s authorized distributors in Costa Rica.

“I am only a 9th grader and I already have a great English level—I still have two more years of high school to go, and what I have already learned is going to help me move forward with my dreams of studying at a university,” says Sebastián. “And why not at a university in an English-speaking country?” he added. DynEd wishes Sebastián great success as he continues to excel in his high school studies and beyond—know no limits!

Photo (Left to Right): Dennis J. Moulton from DynEd International and Josue Montero from Edutech de Centroamerica with Sebastián Álvarez and his proud parents.