Franklin Learning Centers Signs Global Partnership Agreement with DynEd International

Scottsdale, Arizona– October 1, 2016– Franklin Learning Centers/Franklin Virtual Schools (FLC/FVS), a leader in American online secondary education and university preparation programs, announced its first English as a Second language (ESL) learning program to be launched through its international education agency and partner school network.  This initial release will facilitate a cost-effective, accelerated “online and offline” learning option for its independent, international students, and bring a new level of blended program capability to both its domestic and international partner schools.

It is a great solution for students of all ages with little or no English training, as well as learners needing to assess and enhance their current English proficiency level.  “As an accredited school, we naturally focus on getting our students to the required language skill level to attend an American academic program (high school or university),“ says Shannon Hakkal, FLC/FVS Academic Director.  This integrated English language learning solution (online platform tethered to a downloadable learning application) resulted from a global partnership agreement completed earlier this year between FLC/FVS and DynEd International, a world leading provider of English language learning software.

“There are simply too many features to list here,” says Kevin Miller, FLC/FVS Director of Marketing, “but as an American education organization, operating internationally, we needed the absolute best program for our students.  It needed to be supported globally, had to be usable by students that already have a very busy schedule, and needed an established methodology with accelerated results.  You will be hearing a lot more about our blended “1-3-1” learning methodology with our ESL program, to be launched later this month.”

David Hooser, President/CEO for FLC/FVS, stated “FLC/FVS is a ‘technology-enabled’ yet teacher-guided institution.  Our blended solutions offer a practical and effective way to deliver a flexible yet complete ‘immersion@home’ experience for our students.  DynEd became a clear partnership choice as we strive to reach our international student achievement goals across all programs.

“DynEd is enthusiastic about what this new partnership with Franklin and its global partners signifies for ESL students around the world,” says David Tipping, DynEd’s Senior Director for Client Engagement. “Our innovative courseware will open up the Franklin education system to a far greater number of students globally who require English to earn their US high school diploma,” he added.