A Big Step Forward for DynEd’s Aviation English Training Programs in Vietnam

DynEd’s partner in Vietnam, Education Consulting and Support Co., Ltd., ESCC, has just signed a 5-year cooperation Agreement with Vietnam Aviation Academy (VAA). DynEd will be used not only in classes for VAA’s own students, but also in programs offered to other Aviation partners. Because of the importance of this development, ESCC has invested in building modern new luxury classrooms inside VAA and creating a new brand: GLOBAL AVIATION ENGLISH.

ESCC and Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM) have also agreed to use DynEd to help the Air Traffic Controllers in Northern, Central, and Southern areas of Vietnam achieve the UN-mandated required minimum ICAO 4 English fluency level.

In addition to VAA students and the ATCs at Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corportation (VATM), other important Vietnamese clients using DynEd to attain international Aviation English standards include: Vietnam Helicopter Company (including pilots, ATCs, and technical staff), Flight Division 918, a part of the Vietnam People’s Air Force (pilots and technical staff), and Cabin Crew students with Vietnam Airline.