94 Students Receive their First DynEd Certificate in Aracaju, Brazil

This past Thursday, August 4th, ninety-four elementary and high school students at Colégio do Salvador in Aracaju, Brazil received their first DynEd certificate. Dennis Moulton, Vice President for the Americas joined Flex Learning, DynEd’s representatives in Aracaju at the school’s first Certification ceremony. “I am very happy to be here and would like to congratulate all students for this achievement,” said Moulton in his address to 450 parents, students and teachers present at the event.

DynEd Super Stars

Two DynEd students received a C1 level certificate, and one student, Victoria Andrade, is one of the first students to be awarded a C2 certificate in Latin America. Andrade is now fluent in English pronunciation, comprehension and grammar. “I am very happy –I dedicated a lot of time to my studies, and completed a fast-pace study program during the holidays,” she stated.  Andrade wants to continue studying English because she intends to study abroad, either to complete her undergraduate degree or to obtain a masters and doctorate degrees.

Ian Horacio, a six grader, also celebrated his A1 certification and says he will continue to study to obtain more certificates. “I intend to get to the highest fluency level” he said.

Parents also expressed excitement and were very proud of their children’s achievements. “He’s on the right track, and we will encourage him to continue studying. Learning English today will open many doors for him,” says Luiz Arruda, proud father of one of the recipients.

Ana Caroline Costa’s mother was also very happy to be present at the certification ceremony. “It was exciting, because I saw her work hard for it. She studied during vacation, and very often late at night. She deserves this moment, “she said proudly.

DynEd International congratulates all 94 certification recipients! We look forward to your continued achievements and hope to see many more students from Colegio do Salvador receive their certificates in the near future.